Dear Friend,

In today scenario Cartridge Recycling/Refilling is a growing business. More than 25,000 Refiller/Recycler working in India & the number is increasing day by day. To be different & to increase your business volume you need to focus on the following issues.

  • Execute customer order properly
  • Sending right marketing person to Pick up
  • Right materials to deliver top quality
  • Deliver the product in right time
  • Rotation of Payment
  • Customer Follow up System
  • Scheduler to remind you everything
  • Report system to know your business flow
  • A well developed software to manage above

We have the solution

Our software is designed in such a way that it will take care of the above points very carefully & smoothly. Please go thought the facts below

  • Today the most vital part of any business is to manage customer order. From here begin the flow. In any business input is the first criteria. If no order is coming then it signifies no business is happening. So No Order No Business. Due to various reason we forget to collect cartridge from our customer. One of the simple reason is over confidence in our memory. What happened next when second time customer call us back we tell him lie or we curse our memory. Result we prove ourself we are unable to handle customer order properly.
  • Feelmaax CRMS(Cartridge Resource Management System), is designed in such a way that it handle above factor effectively.

  • If there is a proper system to handle customer order then we can send the proper marketing person to collect the cartridge on the exact time as mutually agreed by both parties and maintained in a record.
  • Some time we donít know how many times a Drum/Wiper blade actually works. If you have a system to monitor about the same then you are confident to know the performance of your material before promising the cycle period to any customer. So your confidence level grows up. When your confidence level grows ups it shows that your Business grows UP.
  • In some cases after recycling/Refilling of cartridge we forget to deliver the cartridge right time. Customer call us and we make lame excuses. Here we feel the need of a system which will remind us about delivery system at right time. Here comes with all the solution called Feelmaax CRMS
  • Payment collection is a back bone of any business without which business collapse. We donít have the right system to tell us the credit limit of a customer and the past payment history so we can increase or decrease the limit. We must have a system to remind us for the collection of payment on basis of credit days decided by us for each customer. After getting payment it should be clearly inserted in a record including mode, date amount, payment due etc.
  • Todys business stands on customer feedback. You should have the daring to collect the feedback after you install your product. Thatís shows your confidence about product, brand name & company. If you get positive feedback it improves your confidence if it is negative it shows the path how to improve your product or services next time. But there should be a proper feedback system
  • We always wish for a Genie (Scheduler) who could remind us to collect our money time, on time and we could give him a task to remind us everything in time. Our little Genie will take care of it.
  • It is always better to know your business flow in a systematic way. A systematic report could only deliver a proper business flow. Report of order, collection, processing, delivery, payment will definitely give you added advantages.

Feelmaax Cartridge Resource Management Software is well versed in above condition. So what you are thinking about. Go ahead for the software Today. Call: 093378827221 Today