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Welcome to Feelmaax Cartridge Recycling & Research Center. Greener tomorrow is vision of today's world. It's our social responsibility to make our earth free from wastage as much as possible. Our center is dedicated round the clock for maximum utilization of cartridges. As a result customer will be benefited & same time we will save our earth from wastage. A cartridge takes more than 450 years to biodegrade in earth. It’s myth that recycling of cartridge damages the printer and printing quality. The same is truth in case unorganized REFILL. In our short span of time we have achieved highest level of customer satisfaction.  If you want to be the part of this great work and experience the unbelievable quality from your old cartridge come once to our store and feel the difference.

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Feelmaax Bagged the supply of new cartridges to the Govt Dept in the brand name of Feelmaax. It’s our continuous achievement in corporate, Government organization. We would like to thanks all our customer for their great support.

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Inkjet Cartridge Recycling


Inkjet cartridge recycling is a state of art & success of cartridge depends on experience. We have vast experience in making most dry & Old cartridge performing like new. Most of our customer praise us for better than OEM quality & performance. Our step by step method is just opposite than SYRINGE REFILLING, which make your cartridge worst.  We have achieved record in Recycling black inkjet cartridge more than 25 times.

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Laser Cartridge

Laser Cartridge Recycling


After the poor performance of cartridge refilling in the market Laser cartridge Recycling is gaining popularity day by day. Customer at last demand quality product and from day one of our business we say NO to LASER CARTRIDGE REFILLING. Quality of laser cartridge refilling can never compete with Laser cartridge recycling. In long run cartridge recycling is always beneficial for organization. In Color laser scenario refilling is totally failure concept. Our unmatched toner & components with proper tested drum giving amazing results, for which everyday we are getting lot of references from our existing customer.


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Laser Cartridge



Software development is always an  integrated part of our organisation. Recently we have got major projects from Govt, Corporate, Educational institute. Our development unit is always ready to take any kind of challenge and meet the deadline. Our qualitative work & unique ideas has made us different. Garuda English to Odia dictionary software is a great example of it. We are dedicated round the clock to make our Software division most popular across the globe.


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